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16.07.22 In celebration of the tenth anniversary of my blog (yesterday), I am republishing the very first post from July 15, 2012. Q: What does it take to be an artist, especially one living and working in New York?
14.11.20 Q: What’s on the easel today?
27.05.20 Pearls from artists* # 404
28.09.19 Q: I especially enjoy your “Black Paintings” series. You mention being influenced by the story of how Miles Davis developed cool jazz, making this work uniquely American all around. How did you use jazz history in this series?
31.08.19 Q: Can you tell us about the different series of work you have created and what they embody?
7.08.19 Pearls from artists* # 364
3.08.19 Q: During one of the most gripping times of your life, you were personally affected by the 9/11 attack on our country. Your husband was killed on the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. Would you mind telling us about it and how it has shaped your work?
8.06.19 Q: You earned a degree in psychology. From that I’m sure you gained an in-depth understanding of humans and their stories. How has that influenced your art?
5.05.18 Q: You have spoken about your pastel technique, which involves layering pigments on top of each other, up to 25 to 30 layers. When you do this are you putting the same colors on top of each other?
18.04.18 Pearls from artists* # 296
7.04.18 Q: (Part II) Would you share your story of how creating art enabled you to heal after losing your husband on 9/11?
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