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7.11.20 Q: What has been your biggest challenge so far?
25.01.20 Q: How long did it take you to discover the properties of pastel? (Liliana Mileo via
9.03.19 Q: Was there a pivotal time in your life when you were forced to choose between two different paths? Do you have any regrets?
24.11.18 Q: When and where did you start your career in the visual arts?
2.06.18 Q: What is more important to you, the subject of the painting or the way it is executed?
31.03.18 Q: (Part I) Would you share your story of how creating art enabled you to heal after losing your husband on 9/11?
9.09.17 Q: Would you speak about how important it was to get back to work after losing your husband on 9/11?
25.02.17 Q: Your path into the arts was less than conventional. For many years you were an active duty Naval officer before you retired as a Commander. Oh, and not forgetting the pilot’s licenses you hold! Tell us more about yourself and why you decided to continue your journey into the arts.
26.12.15 Q: What time of day do you find best for working?
31.10.15 Q: What was the first painting you ever sold?
6.12.14 Q: Another interesting series of yours that has impressed me is your recent “Black Paintings.” The pieces in this series are darker than the ones in “Domestic Threats.” You create an effective mix between the dark background and the few bright tones, which establish such a synergy rather than a contrast, and all the dark creates a prelude to light. It seems to reveal such a struggle, a deep tension, and intense emotions. Any comments on your choice of palette and how it has changed over time?
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