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18.11.20 Pearls from artists # 429
14.09.16 Pearls from artists* # 213
6.08.16 Q: What significance do the folk art figures that you collect during your travels have for you?
11.06.16 Q: What historical art movement do you most identify with?
19.03.16 Q: As an artist what would you say is your particular ‘superpower’?
5.03.16 Q: Besides your art materials is there something you couldn’t live without in your studio?
10.02.16 Pearls from artists* # 182
13.01.16 Pearls from artists* 178
8.04.15 Pearls from artists* # 138
6.12.14 Q: Another interesting series of yours that has impressed me is your recent “Black Paintings.” The pieces in this series are darker than the ones in “Domestic Threats.” You create an effective mix between the dark background and the few bright tones, which establish such a synergy rather than a contrast, and all the dark creates a prelude to light. It seems to reveal such a struggle, a deep tension, and intense emotions. Any comments on your choice of palette and how it has changed over time?
22.11.14 Q: I have been always fascinated with the re-contexualizing power of Art and with the way some objects or even some concepts often gain a second life when they are “transduced” on a canvas or in a block of marble. So I would like to ask you if in your opinion, personal experience is an absolutely indespensable part of a creative process. Do you think that a creative process could be disconnected from direct experience?
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