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4.09.21 Q: How did your ebook “From Pilot to Painter” come to be? (Question from “Arte Realizzata”)
24.04.21 Q: Who are you and what do you do? (Question from “Arts Illustrated”)
28.11.20 Q: What do you enjoy most about being an artist?
21.03.20 Q: What do you enjoy most about being an artist?
30.05.15 Q: Why don’t you teach or conduct pastel workshops?
14.03.15 Q: All artists go through periods when they wonder what it’s all for. What do you do during times like that?
7.02.15 Q: In January you traveled to south India to study ancient Hindu temples. Would you share some photographs from your trip?
6.12.14 Q: Another interesting series of yours that has impressed me is your recent “Black Paintings.” The pieces in this series are darker than the ones in “Domestic Threats.” You create an effective mix between the dark background and the few bright tones, which establish such a synergy rather than a contrast, and all the dark creates a prelude to light. It seems to reveal such a struggle, a deep tension, and intense emotions. Any comments on your choice of palette and how it has changed over time?
1.11.14 Q: Can you talk a little bit about your process? What happens before you even begin a pastel painting?
25.10.14 Q: You took classes at The Art League School in Alexandria, VA in the late eighties studying intensely with Lisa Semerad and Diane Tesler. How have these experiences impacted on the way you currently produce your artworks? By the way, I sometimes wonder if a certain kind of formal training in artistic disciplines could even stifle a young artist’s creativity. What do you think?
1.03.14 Q: I just got home from my first painting experience… three hours and I am exhausted! Yet you, Barbara, build up as many as 30 layers of pastel, concentrate on such intricate detail, and work on a single painting for months. How do you do it?
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