Q: This portrait has an interesting story. Can you explain? (Question from Anna Rybat via Facebook)

September 30, 2023
“John,” Soft Pastel on Sandpaper, 22” x 26” (image), 1989.
“John,” Soft Pastel on Sandpaper, 22” x 26” (image), 1989.

A: “John” was one of several portraits I made of friends in 1988-90 to build up my portfolio for the portrait company I worked for when I left the active duty Navy. I had gifted it to John Breeskin, the psychologist/friend pictured.

When he died, someone sent it back to me. (I hadn’t known he died). I must have not been working that day so for some reason, it was delivered to a print studio on another floor in my building. When the printer moved out, he found it and got in touch with me. By that time he had had “John” for more than a year and never bothered to tell me! The packaging had been removed so I have no idea who sent it or where exactly it came from.

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