Q: How do you decide how much to charge for your paintings?

May 2, 2015
Barbara's studio

Barbara’s studio

A:  What to charge for my work is a complex question.  The prices of my pastel paintings take into account many tangible and intangible factors.  Here are a few:

Sales history.

My thirty-year-long exhibition history.

The costs of maintaining a studio in New York.  My overhead goes up annually, but I do not raise prices every year to offset these expenses.

The countless hours of labor, cost of art materials, framing, photography, transportation, foreign travel, etc. that go into creating a painting.

Costs for marketing, social media, advertising, website design and upkeep, ongoing education, etc.

Somewhat less quantifiable factors such as my reputation as an artist, the real demand for my work, goodwill, the fact that I work full-time as a professional artist, etc.

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